• They are HARD to find!

Although they are installed nearly everywhere around HK. It is hard to locate them, for instance, we spent ages in finding the Admiralty/Fortress Hill ones but failed. At first I thought they would be installed as long as there is a MTR (Mass transit Railway) station but the fact they are not. I also failed in finding ones for "Dai Tam" as well.... this is very annoying to be honest.
  • Some of them are really old!

Some of these poles are OLD and WORN out.... sometimes the names of the districts printed can hardly be seen... it makes it really difficult to take photos, especially with flash. Which is why some of these photos were taken with high ISO settings.....

Some of these poles, for example the one in Ho Man Tin (see the pic on the right).... you could hardly read the words even after editing...
L1020692.JPG copy
  • Dirty "poles"!

Some of these poles, for instance the Happy Valley and Boham Road ones are EXTREMELY dirty.... the dusts and dirts covered on these "poles" are soooo thick that it makes them very difficult to grip. (And I always have to wash the pair of trousers immediately afterwards...).
  • Lack of skill!!

Since I've decided to do different pole poses on different poles.... and the number of poses you can do on these "poles" are quite limited to be honest, as they are very THICK (somewhat like 10cm in diameter.... and my hands are small!).... Poses like "Straight Edge", "Aysia"... "Hand Spring" etc are basically IMPOSSIBLE to perform.

Advanced Aiysha
Problems Encountered!